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When you install Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop, the default menu item for Disk Utility isn’t extremely useful; after all, it’s on the System->Administration menu, so you would assume that it’s meant to administer the machine, not just view the disk configuration.

What I’m alluding to is that by default Disk Utility (/usr/bin/palimpsest) is not run with elevated privileges (as super-user), but rather as the current user — which if you’re doing as you should be, that’s means you won’t be able to effect any changes, and Disk Utility will probably end up being a waste of time and effort.

To correct this problem all you need do is modify the menu item which launches Disk Utility to elevate your privileges before launching (using gksu) — that, of course, assumes that you’re permitted to elevate your privileges.

To do add privilege elevation to disk utility:

1. Right click your mouse on the menu bar along the top (right on system is good) and select ‘edit menu items’

2. Navigate down to ‘administration’ and select it in the left pane. Select ‘disk utility’ in the right pane

3. Select ‘properties’ in the buttons on the right

4. Under ‘command’ prefix it with ‘gksu’ or substitute ‘gksu /usr/bin/palimpsest’ (putting the entire path there)

5. Then click ‘close’ and ‘close’ again…

출 처 : http://rogersoles.com/technology/ubuntu-disk-utility/

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