1. On your server, make sure /etc/ssh/sshd_config contains:

    X11Forwarding yes
    X11DisplayOffset 10

    You may need to SIGHUP sshd so it picks up these changes.

    cat /var/run/sshd.pid | xargs kill -1
  2. On your server, make sure you have xauth installed.

    belden@skretting:~$ which xauth

    If you don't have xauth installed, you'll run into the "empty DISPLAY environment variable" problem.

  3. On your client, connect to your server. Be certain to tell ssh to allow X11 forwarding. I prefer

    belden@skretting:~$ ssh -X blyman@the-server

but you may like

    belden@skretting:~$ ssh -o ForwardX11=yes blyman@the-server

or you can set this up in your ~/.ssh/config.

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